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I am a computer programmer with a passion for the digital world, which began at a very young age. I have always loved the interraction between the technological wolrd and the real world. One of my first project was interfacing a bubblebath from a computer. Another passion of mine is home automation.

Work Experience

Jun. 2018 - Now

Ewon • R&D Firmware Developer

Ewon is a company making industrial router with the goal to enable remote access and remote data to machines.

As a firmware developer I have worked on Cosy131 and Flexy 201->205 product family.

Here are some technologies I have worked with while working at Ewon:

• C Programming language
• Kernel driver
• Device Tree
• UTF-8
• Yocto

Moreover, I have worked on many projects such as the implementation of a MindSphere connector and a Lego Machine.

Sept. 2016 - Nov. 2016

Drooney • Intern

Conception of a low-power sensor transmitting via LoRa. During this internship, I conceived from scratch the sensor, managed the different LoRa layers (Router, Network, etc.), and also developed the database for the sensors’s data and a web interface to visualize and analyze this data.

Sept. 2015 - June 2016

Cercle Informatique • SysAdmin

Administrator of a server running a web server and a cloud system (OwnCloud). After the creation of the Computer Science Student Organization in my university, I offered my knowledge to be the SysAdmin of the server. That meant installing the new server on AWS, making sure that everything was working well 24/7 and securing the server.

Aug. 2015 - Sept. 2015

Group-IPS • IT Manager

Substitution of the company's IT Manager for 3 weeks after working with him for the same amount of time. My job consisted of :
• Searching a good Windows deployment solution
• Providing a work environment for new workers by installing their laptops, creating their user account in Microsoft Active Directory, creating their mail account,...
• IT support

July 2012

Sollix • IT Summer Job

My job consisted of the migration of a mail system of a 50+ workers company from Zimbra to Microsoft Office 365.


My Projects

snapClassify - Organize your photos easily!


snapClassify is a little and discrete device used to geotag your vacation photos. This device is made to have a great battery life with the aim to let you enjoy your vacation. Just make sure that the time of your camera(s) and snapClassify are the same.

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Aquarium Light System

Aquarium Light System

This project uses arduino to individally control eigth 10 watts LEDs. It also allows you to turn on and off the lights at certain time of the day.

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I started building a simple quadcopter. For now, I'm at my second quadcopter and my goal is to later build a Professional Photography Multicopter.

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Java (+Swing), Python (+GTK), C, Arduino, Scheme, Prolog


Linux, macOS, Windows


HTML5, CSS3 (+Boostrap),
JavaScript (+Angular, Ember), PHP


AWS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows Server




Git, Microcontrollers, Electronics, Software Engineering, LaTex, UML

Distinctions & Hackathons

Oct 2017 - MINOSii


MINOSii aims to provide a way to substitute traditional remotes by the use of multiple accelerometers. MINOSii has two modules. The module on the wrist consist of a microcontroller, a transceiver and a 9-axis sensor used as an axis reference. The other module is a 9-axis sensor seating on the fingertip. The principle of the protoype is simple: the microcontroller reads the values of the two 9-axis sensors and process them to generate a 3D model of the movement that is then sent via the transceiver.

March 2017 - WaDaGame

StudentHack V: WaDaGame

Creation of a Shazam for video games. You see someone playing a video game, or you see a video about a video game but you don't know the title of it? Launching WaDaGame will allow you to videotape the screen for a few seconds. After that, just wait a little bit and WaDaGame will tell you what video game it is!

March 2016 - Share Your Ideas

Citizens of Wallonia:
Share Your Ideas

A lot of people have great ideas, ideas that could make a great project. But often, students don't have a good enough networking to carry out the project. During this 48 hours hackathon, we developed a web platform that allows students that have a great idea to meet students majoring in another major than them. This way, a developer having an idea could meet an accountant,...

July 2015 - GPSTracker

MIC Summer Camp: GPSTracker

GPSTracker, a small device built with Arduino, tracks your position every second. After your travel or your jogging, activate your bluetooth or connect it to your computer to retrieve data and use one of our applications to see your statistics or your travel. You can use the device during several days without recharging it.

Apr. 2015 - Student App

Apps for Students: Student App

Facebook, Twitter and all social network platforms have been a revolution in our daily life. It changed our way to communicate. These platforms are used by millions of students, but none of them offers a real experience for their student life. During this 24h hackathon, we tried to build a new concept of social network for students.

Oct. 2014 - Game with beacons!

StudentHack: Game with beacons!

During this 36 hours hackathon in Manchester, UK, we've developed a game using Estimote Beacons. The game was android based and was developed with three other developers.

Other Distinctions

May 2016 - snapClassify

Inno Pépites Juinor: snapClassify

The Inno Pépites Junior contest held by LME has been a great opportunity to learn a lot of things about business, how to manage a project and pitching. There were 101 projects at the beginning, from which, 14 were selected for the next phase. Nine projects were then selected for the semi-final. Later on, 6 projects remained for the final. During the final, every projects pitched to an audience of 250.

From the eleven prizes distributed, snapClassify won the First Prize (2500€), the Belfius Prize (1000€), the UMONS Prize (1000€), the Mini Prize and the Public Prize (500€)



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